Filter unplayable presets?

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Filter unplayable presets?

Postby acebone » Sun Jun 26, 2022 9:03 am


Just purchased Amplitube 5. The Tonenetbrowser is far from optimal. So far I've tried 50+ of other peoples presets, and only a handful could be played with the gear found Amplitube 5.

That's no fun. When I browse other peoples presets, it's because I am looking for sounds. What I get instead is a shopping experience, reminding me of all the models I don't have, even though I bought what I thought was a fully featured product.

Why not have a filter for "only presets that work with your current gear"? Then I could go shopping when I felt like it, and go exploring sounds whenever I felt like that?

As it stands now, I am not going to use the tonenet browser. I just tried some random clicking again, and I'd say that I'll have to try 5-10 presets I can't use before I finally bumble into one that can be played with Amplitube 5 - simply not musical, simply no fun.
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Re: Filter unplayable presets?

Postby Trensharo » Sun Jul 31, 2022 12:10 am

I think the intended consequence is that people will get FOMO and upgrade to a higher edition of AmpliTube (or buy more gear).
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