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First Impression

Postby chicagobears316 » Fri Apr 15, 2022 3:09 am

Spent the last few hours downloading things a few questions/suggestions. Lost's of cool things, great first impression, but some odd stuff too.

Is there a way to group download? For example, I know I want all of the mesa, fender, orange, etc. Downloading them 1 at a time is a little ridiculously time consuming. If this feature doesn't exist, I would recommend having the option for every artist page at minimum.

Another option that could also work would be that we set the default download folder (and can change it later easily) and you have a download icon in AT5 that we can just click on. So I could search Slash, and just download all of the files to my slash folder. Then change to another artist/tone maker folder, search them, and do the same. This beats having to individually click through my folder tree every time.

Speaking of the artists, is there a reason it takes me to slash's page (or any page of a person uploading tones) if I can't actually download anything from it? Seems odd.

Next, I had a few things that an extra space, or a difference in capitalization nixed the search results, might be worth looking into as I was missing presets I knew existed because they were the artist's page.

It would also be nice to eliminate things I already have from the search.

A couple appear to need IRs that are not available. Are these people trying to sell us IRs, are IR's not allowed?, is it an error?

It would be nice as filters to have options to only search artist names or song names, to have an option to only search the official IK sponsored artist page results, to include/exclude those with IR's, and to filter by a minimum number of thumbs up votes or downloads to find the most popular.

It would be great to have a results counter (I'm viewing number x of y total) from my search. I've spent the last 4 hours clicking through, picking ones I'd like, no idea how many more hours worth are left, or how to pick up my search later should I turn my computer off.

I see Slash has some that match names of ones IK has already provided us. Are these or any of the mesa, fender, etc duplicates of things we have already? I also find it odd how many of slash's don't use his gear (granted some are still using things based off Mashall amps, some of which he does use). Looking at videos of his rig, I see some using amp brands it doesn't appear he uses.

Also add a space for the creator's name in case i want to look for more of there presets later
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Re: First Impression

Postby rspst14 » Fri Apr 15, 2022 4:29 pm

Lots of good suggestions here, particularly the ability for a bulk download. I'd like to grab all of the new Slash presets, but to do that I have to like each one individually, load each one individually, and then save each one individually. The option to download all of them at once would be nice.
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Re: First Impression

Postby twilson74 » Wed May 11, 2022 12:50 pm

I just spent the past few days playing around with ToneNet and man, I love it!

There are some things about it that will be improved over time, but as it is now, I find it very useful and inspiring and it'll get even better.

I like the ability to go through and try out presets on the fly and then give them a "like" and come back later and find all my "likes" together so I can download them if I want to. I created a "ToneNet Presets" folder within Amplitube and downloaded all the sounds I liked into that, to keep it all organized the way I like. Very easy to do.

I found a surprising variety of tones emulating more obscure players/artists beyond the basic guitar hero fare (which I love too)/ Lots of fresh sounds to keep me banging out riffs old and new.

Great job, IK!
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