So anyone else using the editor?

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So anyone else using the editor?

Postby ugpfpv » Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:02 pm

I know most people just like to have a library player but there's got to be some people that want to make libraries, would like to hear other people's results. Was thinking about making a video on my process (for beginners) but if no one has interest in this...

***Update, okay looks like not enough interest for me to refine my utility to streamline (automatically renaming samples in the correct format) the importing of samples.
But still interested if anyone is even using it...
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Re: So anyone else using the editor?

Postby rj.gray » Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:13 am

I've been experimenting with it a little but have paused for the moment because it crashes every time you open the GUI a second time in Studio One.

The sample import experience so far feels a bit clunky as it doesn't seem to have any way to drag and drop files that aren't already in the Samples folder.
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