First experience with the editor... and ST

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First experience with the editor... and ST

Postby ugpfpv » Fri May 29, 2020 6:56 pm

Okay this may not be the most elegant solution compared to other "real" samplers I've used but it get's the job done, first I just popped in a wav file to see what's what, took a little bit to figure out why the wav wasn't importing, seams you HAVE to have it in the proper folder, then I was looking for the wave editing and looping functions... well there is only the wave start point to play with, Olay so I went to sound forge and had to figure out how to do loop point, now back in ST editor looks like there is only forward loop possible, all the rest may be a pain to deal with but without being able to at least forward-backward looping?...

So my top wish list is for at least forward-backward looping options to be added to ST (if being able to modulate the loop was added then that would be icing)
Next would be work on improving the audio stretching/transposing algorithms.
One other thing that bugs me is not being able to just double click on a parameter to reset it back to default values
If I'm mistaken or there are workarounds for any of this please let me know as this is my first time using any IKM products.

So it's not the total replacement for a sampler, but hey they never said it was...

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