Prevent UNO Drum from Starting upon MIDI Playback in DAW

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Prevent UNO Drum from Starting upon MIDI Playback in DAW

Postby nodeps » Thu May 07, 2020 12:57 am

Using UNO Drum, I record MIDI and Audio to separate Channels in my DAW - syncing over USB sending audio out from UNO Drum into the DAW through my interface.

If I want to change the recorded UNO Drum Audio later, I will delete the audio track and using the edited MIDI, replay the the previously recorded MIDI track to trigger the UNO Drum. The UNO Drum is synced over USB.

The problem is unless I quickly turn off the UNO Drum "Play" button on on Beat 1, I will get duplicate sounds emitted from the UNO Drum because the UNO Drum is syncing and playing its own pattern on top of the recorded MIDI (I think).

I have tried to turn off USB Sync and use EXT or INT but of course that's not going to work because the beat needs to sync to the DAW's tempo.

If this is not possible a great feature request would be to give the plugin the option to disable automatic play so we can re-record our audio from previously recorded MIDI tracks?

I tried creating an empty pattern and saving and loading that pattern and recording but the beat isn't starting off correctly on beat one but it does pickup after two notes (oddly).
Thank you in advance.
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