Sync Uno Synth and Volca Drum

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Sync Uno Synth and Volca Drum

Postby relsseik » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:11 am

Hi all,
does anybody have experience in how to sync the Uno Synth to a Volca Drum? I really cannot figure out the right settings, not even sure whether to do it via MIDI or Sync, or both... The only thing I managed so far was to control the Volca Drum's sequencer with the Uno, but I would like to play the Uno Synth with the Volca Drum in sync. Also, can I use a Keystep with them? Thanks fo the help!
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Re: Sync Uno Synth and Volca Drum

Postby magrouve » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:54 pm


I´m using a UNO DRUM with a volca sample... probably is the same situation. You have to connect the midi out of your UNO to the midi in of your volca.

The UNO will be the master tempo and the volca will be the slave, so, when you press play on your uno synth, your volca drums should start in sync with the UNO.

You cannot use your volca as the master clock because the volcas has only "midi in" connector.
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