FIXED! play button only works when connected to Edito

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FIXED! play button only works when connected to Edito

Postby Djcesaro » Thu Dec 19, 2019 12:11 am

UPDATE: I read the instructions. I have changed the Sync to USB or External
on the drum editor and when I disconnected it stayed that way and didnt play when disconnected from the drum editor.

I received my Uno Drum yesterday and it worked normally.
Today I connected it to Uno Drum Editor.
When its connected I can press PLAY in the Uno Drum or in the Uno Drum Editor
and it plays normally.
But when I disconnect it, its like the play button suddenly stopped working.

I select different patterns and nothing.
Play button lights green and number 1 flashes but it doesnt sound.
The demo track plays normally andit responds to pads.
It is just that the play button seems to not work when disconnected from the drum editor.
But it worked normally before.
I dont know how to reset it.
I tried updating the firmware again and nothing.
I ve noticed that when I turn it on and after the UNO shows,
the number 1.0.2 appears briefly.
What am I doing wrong.
I havent read all the instructions but its strange that I cannot make it play
when turning it on anymore.

Help !
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