Official UNO Drum Wish list!

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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby flappisi » Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:19 pm

Would IK release a simple start/stop push pedal to plug into UNO DRUM (via MIDI?) I would buy it right away!

Are there some third party alternative to do that already?
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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby maramb » Mon Apr 17, 2023 8:46 am

Hi, you could build something with Arduino, I created a clock generator, with this device I can change the tempo precisely, start/stop with the firs pedal and change incremental pattern with the second pedal. it works very well.
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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby BlindFarmer » Tue Jun 20, 2023 10:43 pm

The Uno Drum and Synth are marketed as quality budget offerings. That being said, a budget minded user may not own a $2500 Mac or $1000 iPad/iPhone. I would like to see support for Android, Chromebook, and Linux. Ubuntu, Mint, etc. That opens the door for firmware updates and integration for those of us on a tighter budget. Thank you for considering the idea.
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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby Nedreud » Thu Feb 08, 2024 6:54 pm

jmgtii wrote:I only want one thing, open hi-hat having priority over closed hi-hat. That would be super. Thanks.

This doesn't make sense. Or maybe I'm misunderstaning the request? Almost all drum machines implement a choke, UNO Drum included, where closed hit-hat has priority over open. This is to simulate a real hi-hat where pressing the hi-hat pedal closes the pair of hat cymbals together. A long-decaying open hat is silenced or "choked" by triggering a closed hat.
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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby Nedreud » Thu Feb 08, 2024 7:13 pm

"Chick" sound by triggering CLOSED HH + OPEN HH on the same STEP, like Roland TR-606. Gives a third hi-hat sound that provides a facsimile of stomping a real hi-hat pedal to play "chick" sounds without hitting the hi-hat cymbals with a drum stick. Would only work if both CLOSED HH and OPEN HH are set to An (Analog).
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Re: Official UNO Drum Wish list!

Postby Nedreud » Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:38 am

After recently acquiring a second-hand UNO Drum I've really enjoyed playing with it and, because I'm a software engineer, tinkering with it technically. I love the 12-bit 32kHz lo-fi crunch of the PCM samples, and the analog sounds are very nice too - IK has done a good job of creating sounds that feel "classic" yet don't attempt to re-create a specific device, e.g., the Roland TR-808, so it has its own unique vibe. Nice.

However, after reading the manual cover to cover several times, and delving deep into the unofficial software that allows user samples to be uploaded, I've discovered some issues/quirks and have some Wish List items of my own. To prevent me repeating anything that has already been requested I took it upon myself to summarise every post on this thread into a spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Some items I have "closed" because I know they can't be implemented, e.g., panning, because the device hardware is only mono, which cannot be changed.

My first issue, also noted by others, was that "MUTE ALL" doesn't seem to be available as suggested in the manual, Section 4.2 - Master Section:

SELECT ALL: enable this function to select all of the elements at once and then make tweaks or effects on all the elements at the same time. Possible tweaks are: Mute, roll, random, and all the parameters showed on the DRUM row.

I opened a Support Ticket #9236136 on February 2, 2024, querying the documented MUTE/SELECT ALL functionality and await a response.

I then looked at and documented the 3 firmware releases to see what issues/features had been addressed, which after 1.0.1 so far seems to be very little. 1.0.1 contained lots of fixes, which is great. 1.0.2 basically added support for the UNO Drum Editor software and 1.0.3 added compatibility for the Factory Preset Installer. It hasn't escaped my attention that the last firmware update was over 3 years ago.

A popular request was for new PCM sounds which was addressed in the landslide release of the 10 Drum Anthology Libraries. The sounds themselves were well received, but lacked documentation about which sounds from which machines had been allocated to which pad numbers.

By far the most popular outstanding request is a tool to upload your own custom samples. I know that this is technically possible because I've done it myself, but it's fiddly, and requires a level of technical skill and manual manipulation. Users just want a simple software utility to obfuscate all the hard work.

My hope is that by nudging this thread and others here on the forum the UNO Drum will move back onto the radar at IK and its potenital will be fully realised (actually, I just wish I could get hold of the firmware source code and start making fixes and improvements myself!)
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