Official UNO Synth Wish list!

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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby playinmyblues » Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:28 pm

It would be very useful to be able to turn the MIDI Thru on and off using the hardware interface. I do not want to have to access the Uno through an editor to turn MIDI Thru on or off when I am using the Uno Synth without a computer or an iPad.

This will make it much easier to use with DAWless setups.

Edit: It could also be very helpful when using the synth with setups connected to a computer or the iPad as you currently have to access a second menu to get to the MIDI functionality in the Uno Software Editor.
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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby darewe » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:02 am

Greedy "More, more, more..." requests.

1. Choose starting phase of the LFO for sync mode (and retriggered LFO as requested previously)
2. adjust linearity/exponentiality of envelopes
3. Separate Timbre Presets from sequence presets. So they can be changed independently.
4. Modulate (LFO/ Envelope) oscillator 2 pitch independently.
5. Custom LFO with user defined shapes like LFOTool with selectable envelope mode (no loop, noteOn trigger)
6. Modulation matrix for LFO and envelope destinations. Modulate the modulator options...

Is resetting the oscillator cycle possible in a timely noiseless manner with this hardware?

Edit: Finally read through the list and saw I shouldn't duplicate... Sorry :oops:
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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby darewe » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:09 pm

More still.
1. When saving presets:
If you select preset A then alter it and save it as preset B then alter that to save preset C the default save location would make more sense to be preset B's.
e.g. If I like preset 5, alter it, then save it to location 77, then alter that and come to save I'd prefer the default location to be 77 (or 78) not 21.

2. Alt + 4th matrix rotary control = Data wheel (scroll through presets/other settings)

3. When saving presets. Can holding alt enable you to play the preset you are about to overwrite? So if the sequencer is playing it will play the sequence for the location you are about to write to in the location's sound while alt is held down. And while you hold down alt you can play the keys in the sound you are about to overwrite.

4. Quantise control. Alt + Tempo split into ranges:
Tempo control @ 0-25% Record Quantise On
Tempo control @ 25-50% Record Quantise Off
Tempo control @ 50-100% Quantise current recorded sequence by 0 - 100%

Original recorded timings would be retained (or microtiming edited versions - see below) so subsequent adjustments to quantise would work with these values. i.e. if you chose to quantise your sequence by 75% you could still go back to the original recording by choosing 0% or choose any lower than 75% quantised version of the original.

5 Micro timings (alt Rec mode - hold pad and adjust tempo / press data buttons to push note event forward or back in microtime)
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