v1.02 Did not solve Noise Sound Issue Also NOISEY

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Re: v1.02 Did not solve Noise Sound Issue Also NOISEY

Postby djwaxxy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:25 pm

dalejason wrote:I just got an Uno synth on Friday and like others here I hear terrible (frankly unusable) noise, especially, when using a compressor in Ableton.

This was quickly and simply resolved by fitting a Ground Loop Noise Isolator Filter between the output of the Uno and the Mixer. I also use Roland boutique synth's and noise is a well known issue on those too, when daisy chaining the audio through the boutiques and powering them by USB.

For £6.99 it's a relatively cheap an quick fix if you have Amazon Prime :D

I owe you a big drink mate..i ordered one from the link you posted I just got it ..pluged it in and bloody hell the noise has totally gone its usuable now :)
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