what's supposed to come with the synth?

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what's supposed to come with the synth?

Postby birdhair » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:30 pm


Just purchased the synth today.

Maybe I assumed too much in thinking that there would be an adapter included to get the output signal from 3.5mm to 3/4inch trs?

As it stands I can't do a whole lot with it, given I don't have 3.5mm inputs on my interface. The midi adapters are nice, but I thought it would've made sense to include the same for the audio. Kinda disappointing that I'll need to return to Just Music again tomorrow just to get an adapter so that I can actually use the synth.

Also, should there be a manual beyond the big sheet of paper outlining what all the buttons do in a variety of different languages?

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Re: what's supposed to come with the synth?

Postby Ryan_IK » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:47 pm

Hey birdhair,

Thanks for your post.

The UNO Synth does not include this cable or an adapter. This should not be listed in the included items with the product, so if there was any information which lead you to believe this would be included, please send me a PM with links/photos of this and I can check into this for you.

The UNO Synth will work directly with headphones, but we also offer cables/adapters which will work here. Third party cables/adapters will also work well.

Check out the iLine series of cables/adapters here

Do note, the UNO Synth user manual can be found at the provided link below as well as inside your User Area -> My Products section of your IK Multimedia account after product registration.

Click here for the UNO Synth Manual
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