How to mix SELECT ALL and MUTE on UNO Drum?

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How to mix SELECT ALL and MUTE on UNO Drum?

Postby bobvoi » Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:49 pm

In the UNO Drum manual it is stated on page 30, that
SELECT ALL: enable this function to select all of the elements at once and then make tweaks or effects on all the elements at the same time. Possible tweaks are: Mute, roll, random, and all the parameters showed on the DRUM row.

While the MUTE button easily can mute the clicked element, I can't get the SELECT ALL and MUTE to work. Somehow I hoped that I could press SELECT ALL, and then press MUTE to silence all elements, and then redo it again to unsilence all the elements.

Has anybody succeeded to SELECT ALL and MUTE all?
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