iLoud Micro - Minimum Volume? (Noise!)

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iLoud Micro - Minimum Volume? (Noise!)

Postby Floydster1 » Sat Dec 10, 2022 11:32 pm


I just received iLoud Micro speakers and I'm amazed by their powerful sound.
However: The speakers seem to be WAY too loud!
Even when I turn the volume knob at the back all the way to the minimum level, I still have to reduce the volume of my source (both a soundcard via aux in, and also my iPhone connected via Bluetooth).

The volume knob on the iLoud Micro is labeled from "-INF" to "+6dB". What does "-INF" mean? It's not specified in the manual. (The iLoud MTM on the other hand clearly specify that they range from -12dB to 0dB.)

The problem is that the iLoud Micros are too loud, and - probably related - that they output a constant noise all the time, even when not connected to any source. The noise is audible in 80cm distance and gets louder when turning up the volume, just like every speaker has noise on loud levels.

The issue is, that even at the most quiet level, the speaker ist still way too loud and therefore the noise is audible. Other speakers can be set to a quiet enough level where the noise is not audible anymore.
Did I get faulty speakers? Did IKMM put the wrong potentiometer on my speakers? How are your iLoud Micros behaving at minimum volume level?

For comparison: On my Eve Audio SC203, the minimum volume is -88dB, and can be controlled over a much larger range, which works very well for my use case. At the volume level I usually use (approx. -44dB), absolutely no noise is audible ever.

The iLoud Micros are labeled "-INF", which means "minus a lot", but the level can only be controlled to a small degree. They are not usable to me like this.

Just for clarification: I am not talking about the rythmic, high-bitched noise that is audible during the first 30 seconds after turning the speaker on (Bluetooth-related). I talk about the more or less "white" noise that is audible all the time.
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