iLoud Precision MTM (general)

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iLoud Precision MTM (general)

Postby daslicht » Tue Sep 20, 2022 1:55 pm

today i received a pair of iLoud Precision MTM and I like to share my first impressions with you guys.

The PSU is completly silent @ 230V :!:

At a listening distance of aroudn 1m I hear a hiss, but i am in a nearby sonically dear rom m so that's OK. The hiss sounds very silky non metallic.

I haven't noticed any Port Noise yet.

The Sound Stage is bigger as from the iLoud MTM

I haven't managed to download the XMonitor Software yet, maybe it is not available at all yet?

The manual says the front LEDs start blinking blue when the calibration mode is enabled, but they just blink white.

The plate before the power LED is not covering the LED completely and it shines through above
(but hey, it is OK)

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