MTM pair in horizontal orientation, what is the consensus?

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MTM pair in horizontal orientation, what is the consensus?

Postby thevisi0nary » Thu Jun 23, 2022 2:22 pm

I have been looking for a set of smaller sized studio monitors that can be laid horizontally under my computer monitors and tilted upward. Since the MTM's come with a horizontal stand and are advertised in such a way in the marketing, I assumed that they would be good for this purpose.

This comment from IK on the gearspace forum has me a little concerned about doing this - ... stcount=79

I am not super savvy with speaker science so my ability to interpret info like this is limited, and there isn't much to read about this specifically online that I can find.

I do not need a huge sweet spot so long as I can hear everything correctly while sitting at the desk, but I do not want to introduce problems by laying them horizontally if they are not actually intended to be used that way (issues with phase / accurate imaging / etc.).
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