MTM Faulty sensitivity - New out of box

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MTM Faulty sensitivity - New out of box

Postby Pinknoise94163636 » Mon Feb 07, 2022 5:19 am

Knowing already that to swap input sensitivity on iLoud MTM speakers
you hold the sens button in for approximately 5 seconds I have done this
several times of course without an input signal at the time.

The problem is the left speaker will behave as expected but the right speaker
will emit a loud DC pop at the speaker as switching and I and get very noisy
signal content through in the -10 position.

Can this fault be cleared by installing latest firmware or is it an internal hardware
failure within the speaker?

I am shy of simply attempting a firmware install because I am currently in remote
China using these on the Winter Olympic TV broadcast. I can't afford to 'brick' a
partially working speaker. Brand new straight out of the box (first job for these) Unfortunately during the day these are on a +4dB console but in the evening I
move into an edit suite with PC only providing a domestic 3.5mm -10dB output.

Please trust the above diagnosis, fault will move with speaker. DC pop occurs
with no physical input. No symptoms on other unit of pair.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has encountered of better overcome this
in the field.

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