iLoud MTM - One seems broken, yeah?

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iLoud MTM - One seems broken, yeah?

Postby blobtimtomboom » Sun May 31, 2020 7:53 pm

When my iLoud MTM's arrived about a month ago, I quickly noticed that the sound didn't seem equal from them. I swapped them, recalibrated endlessly, changed out cables and cross-tested - on and on..

(and I opened a ticket on May 10th about it)

I resorted to lowering the knob volume on the "good unit" to try to match up the apparent sound volume.

Well it just got worse the other day.

I tried ARC again this morning and noticed the test sounds now don't seem to sound the same from them. I think I have essentially "verified" a problem with the one unit.

The problem unit isn't even making the same ARC test sound volume/range.

I used the same exact settings and both knobs on "max" on the back of each MTM, per instructions for calibration, and recorded it all in one file with my phone sitting in the middle (where my body in front of the PC usually is), untouched and unmoved for the whole process.

Here's an audio file: ... ihb1he8ZXA

The first four beeps is the good one and the second four beeps is the bad iLoud MTM. I edited it to remove the duration of silence of me screwing around switching the ARC Mic cable, etc.

Also, you can see the difference visually.
First four vs second four (good vs bad units)


This is a hardware problem for sure yeah?
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