iLoud Micro strange sound @50hz

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iLoud Micro strange sound @50hz

Postby xinaes » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:20 pm

I've just got a pair, and am generally pretty happy with them apart from one thing, which it would be great if anyone else who has a pair could test... Sweeping a test tone around 50hz at moderate volume is producing a sound very far from what it should be - not normal distortion, but an extra noisy/comb-filtery vibration sound, which is more prominent than the actual signal... not sure how well I'm describing it, but it's not subtle. I first noticed it when listening to music (the first track of Alva Noto's Transform - admittedly, quite test-tone like music).

With a test tone generator I find that as the frequency drops below 50hz, the sound quickly gets quiet which is fine and to be expected. It all seems to sound reasonably fine above that frequency as well, but around 50-60hz there is a very prominent problem. I suspect it may be a bit of a bug in the DSP, where something that should just be heavily attenuated ends up driving the speaker in a way that it can't handle at all well.
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