balancing Iloud micro w/ sub

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balancing Iloud micro w/ sub

Postby gordonmslai » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:26 am

Hi All,
Trying to use a subwoofer with my Iloud micro. This is the one I'm planning on getting: ... PDKIKX0DER

Issue that I see though is that the minimum LPF on the sub is 80 Hz, but the Iloud goes down to 55 Hz, so there will still be significant overlapping. Never done this before so I was hoping to get some help on getting the two to balance with minimal equipment purchase.

I also have this Presonus audiobox to output audio: ... obox&psc=1

Thank you!!!
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Re: balancing Iloud micro w/ sub

Postby JayBayAye8 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:50 am

The way this actually works is that you feed all of the audio out from your interface to the studio subwoofer. Then your subwoofer feeds your monitors (speakers, not screens!) the audio.

The subwoofer itself will have a crossover frequency setting:


You can read more about that here (where I got the pic) and some other subwoofer information, but what that does is let you CHOOSE where to place the crossover. So the subwoofer then feeds the monitors with a slow roll off like a high pass filter EQ.

So yeah, out from the interface to the subwoofer, then from the subwoofer through the crossover settings to the monitors. The subwoofer controls the crossover in 90% of studio subwoofer and consumer subwoofer setups. The old method had a receiver and amplifier with a crossover built in but that's a lot more rare these days.
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