I purchased a unique stand for ILOUD MTM :-)

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I purchased a unique stand for ILOUD MTM :-)

Postby terapico » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:42 am

I use 32inch triple monitor and my desk has not enough space.

I must stand a speaker under the monitor, but there is not many choice.

So I purchased the ILOUD MTM because It is small...... only one reason...hahaha...

But in the package, there is a tilting stand for vertical position.

For horisontal position, there is a flat silicon bolster. TPU base?? anyway.

So I wanna tilting stand for horisontal position.

I looked for many things and materials... wood block, sponge, silicon nuggets...etc...

So in search of it I found Audioengine DS2. It is a Audioengine A5+ speaker silicon stand.

Ureka!!! It fits very well.

https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/h4 ... 0VKcR8whOx

https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/7U ... ZNAV7VcXcu

https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/B5 ... W7dEr_dsBz

https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/Zh ... chsu9CEEIP

(The speaker next to it is just a size comparison. Vector-10)

Now the tweeter on this desk's speaker can point at my ear.

I would like to release this kind of horizontal stand from IK.

In addition, MTM sound is very very good.

This is a small but amazing performance. Another level speaker.

Thanks for reading.
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