iLoud MTM high pitched hiss (louder on one monitor)

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Re: iLoud MTM high pitched hiss (louder on one monitor)

Postby gsilbers1 » Wed Oct 27, 2021 11:02 pm

Peter_IK wrote:
gsilbers1 wrote:got these like 3 weeks ago and this high pitch noise just started. its intermitent and sporadic.

very annoying.

is there a link for the firmware. does it work?

dont wanna play return the bad prodcut russian rulette if it keeps happening.

You should see a link to the firmware updaters in your IK User Area / IK Product Manager. If you need further assistance with any issue IK Support can assist you directly as the users, mods, and admins of this forum won't be able to assist as deeply with what you can do to resolve any issue,

I just did the firmware upgrade.

didnt work. [mod redacted - the rest was unnecessary, also please review the rules before posting]
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Re: iLoud MTM high pitched hiss (louder on one monitor)

Postby zabzab » Thu Jan 13, 2022 6:14 pm

Sadly, I am here to confirm this issue.

Based in Belgium, purchased last month and having a high pitched hiss, regardless of any audio cable plugged in or not. Tried both XLR and TRS... Support said they would get back to me, but here I am more than a week after without response nor solution.

I love the speakers and would keep them without hiss, but as a recording musician, the ringing noise is unbearable.
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Re: iLoud MTM high pitched hiss (louder on one monitor)

Postby cwijers » Fri Jan 14, 2022 4:45 am

Same here. Have received two replacements with the same problem.
Still no solution and another month no response from support.
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