Mounting the MTM safely?

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Mounting the MTM safely?

Postby Ott0mation » Fri Jul 16, 2021 9:48 am

I have this concept in mind: Image
Horizontal orientation "hanging" from the mounting bolts in the bottom.

I've designed a mounting hub,t hat would take advantage of both bolting positions. Image

I am uncertain how the bolt thread inserts in the chassis of the MTM are moulded to the structure... I am unsure how strong they would be in this application, or if it would be too much stress and could cause a failure/crack overtime.

I have considered extending my mounting hub in a way the wraps around the bottom a bit to help support from the lower edge, but if it's not needed then I'd rather be efficient/have a clean look to my concept.

Please leave me with some feedback for my project, so that I can keep moving forward.

Thank you!

I realize it seems simpler to just mount them vertically, please take my word on it, that it's a very unusually application of the MTM, and they need to be mounted as displayed, more or less.
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