Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby supanorton » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:15 pm

Loving working with MODO DRUM. Please add more presets. I like the idea of presets in the styles of famous drummers. I'd also like some rock presets that are more straight forward like Charlie Watts. Great job, IK!
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby Mwie » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:49 am

Please, for the love of music.. enable me to automate the VELOCITY-fader.

I have been a good boy all year and all I want for christmas is being able to automate that fader.. it would be a real game-changer!

just in case I need to explain..: Not everyone is using MODO DRUM as an E-Drum-Plugin. I am using it to program drums if I want them to sound "real". It would be nothing short of amazing to be able to automate the VELOCITY-fader, because that fader is a big Part of what seperates a sample from your emulation. AND a huge difference between programming drums and actually playing them is the velocity.. you can "build up" and "fade out" the intensity as a Drum-player.. usually, as a programmer you can only "make louder" and "make quieter".. being able to automate that velocity-fader would close that gap substantially and that's what this e-mulation is all about, isn't it?

Think about it for a minute.. this would be a major thing for everyone who is programming Drums with this plugin. And it's just one Fader.. just give us automation for that one little fader!
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby triggerthehorizon » Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:30 pm

I would like to be able to import Groovemonkee midi into the MODO Drum groove browser for easy auditioning before I drag them into my drum tracks inside my DAW. Groovemonkee has made all their groove packs available in MODO Drum mapping, all that is missing is groove browser integration.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:54 pm


Will Modo Drum have Latin , EDA, Epic and Symphonic Percussion kits?
In the future will it possible to buy more grooves (midi) and gear from the app Like Amplitube 5?

Best regards
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Mon Dec 14, 2020 1:58 pm

sunking54 wrote:Will it be possible to add new MIDI grooves in the future?

I use this kind of vst as a composing tool i whish i could import my own or third party MIDI grooves
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby HansHeim » Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:24 pm

MODO Drum is really a great product - thank you.

With the actual release some playing styles can only be achieved by using multiple parallel tracks with a complete MODO Drum VST each.
Thats rather expensive in terms of RAM and CPU (no problem for me, but for standard PCs).
Envelopes would also solve a big part of those features - see below...

Give me envelopes for editing parameters that are play-style specific (not hardware specific as diameter, depth and so on)
- snare tension
- damper
- tuning
- playing right/left hand on different locations on the respective drums
- velocity (for those who like to modify imported grooves)

As a result this would give more dynamic and easier to edit tracks.

More wishes:
Give me more beaters - not only sticks - on each of the drum types, e.g.:
- felt mallets like used on kettledrums/timpani (see also "swell" on cymbals)
- brushes (telescoping), not only for hit action but also for sheer brushing ( ... html#getit, Audio Demo One note samba)
- rutes, rods

Give me swell/rolls for the cymbals
- influenced by modulation wheel, see
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Sat Jan 02, 2021 10:37 am

I sincerely hope that the mododrum will work for Apple m1.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Sat Feb 06, 2021 4:51 am

MODO Drums VST instrument must remember channel mappings across patch changes and upon launch of host.

I use MODO Drums as a soft synth on stage within Gig Performer.

I can map gig performer to send 8 drum channels to my mixer, but MD forgets it’s own channel assignments. (I use Master and DAW3-8, all are reset to Master on instantiation and patch change.) Makes it hard to use when we always run short of time for setup.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:17 am

Correction: Saved kits do remember their mixer routings, but the routings are tied to each saved kit. I would think the routing should be Independant of saved preset.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby jthornton1 » Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:57 pm

Support for blasticks.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List! Double kick on one kick dr

Postby supermariologen » Fri Feb 19, 2021 4:04 am

it would be great to have double kick pedals on one bass drum so you don’t need to use the 2nd bass drum when playing metal music
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