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Re: Problem with MODO BASS

Postby judaszero » Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:07 am

heathweber wrote:I don't know if you've resolved this issue yet, but I just had success in resolving a similar issue where at certain points in my MIDI parts, MODO Bass would play all notes in the part as an open string note. In other words, if MODO Bass would normally play the notes on the "A" string, then is would play all of the notes as open A rather than the actual fretted note. In some cases it would skip notes, also. The issue turned out to be errant slide data (pitch bend) that was impacting subsequent MIDI parts. I had a MIDI part in the track that had some slides in it (created using pitch wheel controller data), and the part immediately after that part was then having the open string note issue. The solution was to edit the MIDI part after the part that had the slides and explicitly add pitch wheel controller data with a value of 0 at the start of the part. After doing this, the part played correctly.

My reasoning for this is that my slides in the previous part were down slides. As MODO Bass considered the last slide in this part to be unresolved (i.e. it didn't return to a 0 value after the slide), MODO Bass stayed in this tuned down position when the subsequent part started. In this state, it viewed the MIDI notes as being below the lowest note that can be played on the given string. When this happens, MODO Bass just plays the lowest notes it can (the open string). MODO Bass will not allow a note to be played on a string that is lower than the open string (which is actually quite realistic).

So, the short answer is make sure that you always return you pitch wheel controller value to 0 after doing any slides.

This is exactly the solution !
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