Ideas and palm muting question

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Ideas and palm muting question

Postby OB8000 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:33 pm

I was try demo MODO Bass 1.5 version. I like the sound and posibilities. I am not guitar or bass player and never play this instruments, but for me Modo.B. sounds great. Except one thing.

I have two samplebased guitars instruments which have two kind of palm mutes. It sounded great, but MODO Bass palm muting (if mute means palm mute) sounds not so much as palm mute on sampled guitar. It sounds like basic play on string but with much less decay. Sampled p.m. have different timbre not only decay. It sounds more shorten on hi frequency, MODO not.

But maybe my setup or playing is wrong, or I expect for bass guitar sounds like guitar?
The question is, how to make palm mute sounds like on sampled guitar? My setup was :
    Pick mode, value around 9 (the yellow slider on guitar with triangle)
    muting on 100%
    STROKE = alternate
    SCRATCH = Normal (I triead hard, but not so much difference)
    LET RING = off
    FINGERING = First Position
    DETACH NOISE = 4.5
    SLIDE NOISE = 4.5
On lower notes p.m. sounds like p.m. but on higher notes are not much differences between muting 0% and 100% (except decay).

Similar problem have one similar product which is physical modeled instrument too and his p.m. is on same or similar level as MODO Bass.

Another strange thing about muting is, when string is sounding and add muting, it doesn't react to string, only if I play new note. I was expected that it will change the sound in realtime. Imagine I play on guitar note and simpli muting it with hand.

Some ideas:
1. M.B. is physical based instrumnets, and I thing there is big space for customization for playback, like how hard and soft will be string hit for Finger, Pick and Slap. For example user can set up minimum and maximum value and draw curve.

2. Custom "playback" expressions, where user can draw guitar control similar in to some midi sequencer to create custom playback or effects for not guitar players. And this custom playback can add it in to keyswitch or midi CC etc...

Last question, is there plans for MODO Guitars in near future?

Now I am deciding if I buy the MODO Bass, it sounds great, I'll wait for answers for my questions which can help me to decide.
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Re: Ideas and palm muting question

Postby PerryD » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:11 am

I bought MODO. I really like it and it has potential to be even better. I like your ideas. Now that IK has finished Sample Tank 4 maybe they will give MODO some fresh attention. Unless they are working on modeled electric guitar!
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