In need of a full reset of Modo Bass

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In need of a full reset of Modo Bass

Postby wickham23 » Tue Jun 08, 2021 3:53 pm

Can someone please help.
I've been having multiple issues with the tuning in Modo Bass, I've tried everything from this forum and even support. The song starts off in tune but then all of a sudden certain random note will be out and there nothing I can do to get them back. I've tuned off every possible thing in modo and logic that could effect the pitch but still no luck.
I decided to try and delete and uninstall everything from my Mac and download/reinstall modo from scratch but somehow all of my setting in the control page on modo have stayed the same and it's still out of tune! can someone please help me can back to the factory settings so I can try and start again.

Thanking you in advance.
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Re: In need of a full reset of Modo Bass

Postby Peter_IK » Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:06 pm

I understand your frustration, but please note that IK Support should be able to help. They typically do go through the "easy" stuff that some may feel is basic but that does fix a lot of problems for people quickly. Sorry that it didn't in your case. If you reply to them that their suggestions didn't work they will certainly continue to assist. Also, we do have specific rules and guidelines about posting about an unsatisfactory experience here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=19505

Note that these are the suggestions that have worked for others, and any user experiences with different options are welcome, so I wanted to make sure you have tried these:

[*]Check your Control page for any edits to the BEND, SLIDE, or VIBRATO settings. Make sure to try disabling these as a test to ensure they are not causing your issue. We've seen accidental control of these parameters can lead to MODO BASS sounding out of tune.
[*]If you are using a MIDI knob or fader to control your BEND, SLIDE, or VIBRATO controls, make sure you are using something which reacts like a Pitch Wheel. What you want is for the MIDI CC value to go back to zero after any edits. This will ensure you're not accidentally putting yourself out of tune.
[*]Check your "A4 Reference" in the STRINGS page. This should be set to "440Hz" by default, but if this is edited, you may not sound "In-tune" with other instruments. A lot of Virtual Instruments and tuners normally use "440Hz" as their reference frequency for A4. [/list]
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Re: In need of a full reset of Modo Bass

Postby wickham23 » Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:17 pm

Ok, I have edited the original post.

I have disabled all bend, slide and vibrato settings in the control window.
I am not using any midi knobs or sliders.
I have checked the A4 Reference and it is set to 440Hz
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