iRig Recorder 3 and iRig Pro Duo

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iRig Recorder 3 and iRig Pro Duo

Postby finacoles2 » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:18 pm

Hi there,
First I already opened a ticket to support but I wanted to see if I am the only one to face this issue.

Problem: not possible to record a movie with stereo sound using the iRig Pro Duo with the iRig Recorder 3.

I used my macbook air headphone jack, then a stereo cable mini jack to double mono jacks (one for left, one for right) into the irig pro duo.

The leds on the soundcard are flashing ok.

The irig recorder 3 finds the audio card but takes only one channel.

I found that when playing with the balance in the mac settings. The irig soundcard reacts correctly (so it is not my cables and I use the same with iphone and it works) but if I put the balance on one channel (do not remember if left or right), I end with no sound being recorded.

Am I the only one trying to record a movie with a stereo input on Android?

For my recordings I still use my old iphone 7 with Filmic Pro app .. and there it works in stereo perfectly.

I bought the cable from IK Multimedia (quite expensive) in order to be able to connect my android phone (Huwaei P30 Pro) but in the end it is not working at all...

I tried the Filmic Pro app on Android and there the audio is recorded in stere10. happymod
o but with cracks and noises and it seems not be their high priority to fix audio ...

I was hoping that iRig Recorder 3 will solve my issue but definitely it is not ...

Anyone find an app working to record stereo sound from usb on Android?

Looks like iOs is still in advance on this ...

Thanks for all input.
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Re: iRig Recorder 3 and iRig Pro Duo

Postby Peter_IK » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:25 pm

You should be able to record directly in stereo with this setup. At Winter NAMM before iRig Stream was out and before (so I believe this is 2018 NAMM), I would use iRig Pro Duo to stream the demonstrations/clinics. Before each, the test I used was using iRig Recorder 3 to record L/R straight off of the mixing board as stereo and it works beautifully and sounded great. This is a great way to do a "sound check" before streaming, if anybody is interested. Anyway, it did record stereo so since you are sending a stereo signal to L/R in a way that seems correct, I'd say support may have to be the ones to handle figuring out what is not working in your specific case.

Thank you.
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Re: iRig Recorder 3 and iRig Pro Duo

Postby Rcarnighan » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:47 pm

Yes, I record my guitar and vocals in stereo....AND listen in stereo while playing. To make sure I have Zero latency I use ‘wired’ Bose Soundsport Earphones (they have great sound AND alliw for some ambient sound)
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