Can't LIVE STREAM with iRig Stream on Android

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Can't LIVE STREAM with iRig Stream on Android

Postby telerac » Thu Aug 17, 2023 2:40 pm


I've recently purchased an iRig Stream and I intend to use it on my Samsung Galaxy a13.
It seems that my smartphone doesn't recognise the usb input ( type c ) for external audio input purposes. This means that as I plug the iRig on my phone ( with my laptop as input source ) I always get a blue led ( despite the volume getting louder when I turn it on ).
I also activated the Developer Options on my smartphone settings but it didn't change much.

I downloaded iRIg Recorder and I can record audio and video only through the app.
Unfortunately I can't seem to live stream, I get the sound from my phone mic even though the iRig monitor is working perfectly.

I think the origin of my problem is in the smartphone. Therefore, I wonder if someone can tell me if there's another way to make my iRig work also during live streaming. Another way except changing smartphone lol

Thank you very much

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