iRig 2 vs iRig HD 2 vs iRig Pro I/O

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iRig 2 vs iRig HD 2 vs iRig Pro I/O

Postby Operaman1 » Sun Sep 04, 2022 5:44 pm

I was happily using iRig 2 audio interface with electric bass together with Samsung S9 (Android OS). But then dropped my phone and replaced phone with S20. No 3.5mm jack on new phones so attempted to simply use USB-C adaptor. Wrong answer (game show buzzer). :evil:

Googled for a morning and was pointed to iRig HD 2 by Best Buy when searching for iRig Android and search results said iRig HD 2 was android compatible. It is not. (It's not advertised this way by IK either.)

IK web literature says iRig Pro I/O is Android - compatible - but starting to get gun shy after laying out $150+ on two failed attempts.

Any advice for S20 user for a iRig interface? Which one is best? :?:
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