Hoy to conect to casino cdps100?

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Hoy to conect to casino cdps100?

Postby Sergio007 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:11 am

Hi I am New in the fórum and using the IK products, actually i am using the demo of iGrand piano witch I want to muy, but I pluged my Android phone to the casio cdps100 trying to hear IGrand but nothing hapened , I mean I still hearimg the original Sound of the casio in the sprakers, then I Tryed an auxiliar cable plug it From the phone to the epiano and still I listen the sound of the casio, How or What do I have to do pluging the phone to the piano to listen the IGrand?

Another issue, if I buy the IGrand app for android divice, can I use the same account as owner of IGrand and use it in my Ipad? Or I have to buy 2 apps one for android and another One for iOS?

One more question , Is there an app similar to sampletank that can be use in an android divise?

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