Remembering "I Got You (Hemispheres Project)"

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Remembering "I Got You (Hemispheres Project)"

Postby CrazySchmidt » Sun Jul 09, 2023 7:43 am

Hi guys,

It's funny how time can pass by so quickly, it seems to me that a project I started with my good buddy Dan Wilson from Canada (and a member of this forum) a couple of years ago, has almost fallen into a distant memory for me.

A couple of weeks ago my surrogate niece (Fatboy Dazza's Daughter) was listening to my channel on SoundCloud and listened to the track "I Got You (Hemispheres Project)" and said:
"I heard whispers of this project in the man cave a few years ago, but never heard the whole thing. Really an amazing collaboration Schmidt. Can see this being played at a concert easy. Awesome work."

I thought the comment was nice of course, but when I actually went and had a good listen to it again, I realized just how good the collab on that song was. Considering it was the first collaboration I think either of us had done digitally online and I think it may have also been the first on this forum, I'm very proud of it and I hope Dan is also. It's not that easy working between different DAW's in different countries with different points of view. :lol:

So with all that being said, here's the original collaboration mixed/produced from my system (Ableton), Dan has his own version which was the original source that I worked from.

Dan, I just want to remind you that I really enjoyed working with you on this and I hope that at sometime in the future we can do it again. 8-)

Cheers, CS. 8-) :)
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Re: Remembering "I Got You (Hemispheres Project)"

Postby danwilson5 » Sun Jul 16, 2023 5:55 am

Hey CS,

Wow, its been a couple of years!!!

Thanks for sharing the comments by your "surrogate" niece. Had a listen to your mix of the song, another solid mix and the clarity on the drums was great. I could actually hear what I did :lol:

I really enjoyed the collaboration process but I will agree it is slow. looking back, I remember when we started there was about 2-3 hours of emails flying back and forth trying to solve the DAW compatibility issues. You think it would be easier (shaking my head). You would think that bar 1 should be bar 1 and 100 bpm should be 100 bpm. Once that issue was solved everything went smoothly. Every time I opened the file you sent over was like Christmas, I was excited to hear what you did/ added to the song.

You are right it was my first collaboration and very positive one.

Totally agree with you about another collaboration and I am looking forward to another one. The hard part is coming up with ideas that fit the Hemispheres project. 8-)

Dan Wilson

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