Come In To Light - folksy tune driven by vocals.

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Come In To Light - folksy tune driven by vocals.

Postby » Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:35 pm

Hey all,

This track is from summer/19 when my bass bud (Paul) and I took on a simple folksy tune that I wrote - lyrically, suppose to be a male and female vox playing off each other but gotta go with what ya got, right? Paul contributed a vocal & bass track but recently had the idea to have dual electric guitar leads added around the existing acoustic lead - this was just figured out this week and laid down. Quite vocal-driven and there’s some harmonies that remind me of early The Eagles and/or The Oak Ridge Boys…but could just be me.

Anyhow, hope an easy listen and feedback always appreciated.

IK Stuff (barebones this time):
AT5 - modified presets of “Ambient Heavy” and “The Brown Sound” for dual electric gtr leads
TR5 - CSR Plate, Sunset Studios, One, White 2A

Take care,
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