WhatEvR - my FIRST VID (Satch homage)!

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WhatEvR - my FIRST VID (Satch homage)!

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:04 am

Hi all!

This will be a longer description than my usual….ugh, I know.

This track was written and recorded within a week of the release of the Joe Satriani collection by IK back in summer/20. His collection was so inspirational the song idea came together very quickly. I’ve listened to and appreciated Satch since his first album was released and this song is certainly an attempt to pay tribute to that; however, being a Tom Scholz/early Boston fan as well there may be a touch of that too. Shortly after the song was made I had the idea of trying to use it as a excuse for making a video (more details on that below) but after the original JS collection’s release there was AT5 and then further presets from Joe so there was cause for further exploring/tweaking guitar sounds and, consequently, delay.

Had to use my Ibanez guitars (of course):
1986 Pro Line PL2550
2016 Prestige RG652FX

IK stuff:
AT5 - guitars all drawing from Joe Satriani collection
Philharmonik 2 - violins, viola, cello, bass
MODO Drum - Studio kit
TR5 - White 2A, Sunset Sound, Tape m/c 24, Stealth Limiter
Lurssen Console

I’ve been inspired since the pandemic by other IK forum contributors that post vids (dbailey1, TomoRG, valentinbk, Phil Guitar, sbn, Darth_dB, AndreasJBlack)….who doesn’t like vid’s, right?!? So, here’s my first attempt at making a guitar-oriented vid for an original song after finally sucking up the courage to delve into a whole other realm (video….not like audio!). Just shot in HD so nothing fancy here. Also, had to relearn the song to shoot the vid & is a pretty close approximation to how it was recorded I think, but that stopped at the two-hand tapping bit!

I hope you find both the track & the video entertaining and, as always, appreciate feedback.

I would like to do more videos so lemme know if there’s an earlier song of mine you think might be good candidate.

If you’d just prefer a SoundCloud version of the song, here it is:

Thanks so much and hope all are doing great so far in 2022!
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Re: WhatEvR - my FIRST VID (Satch homage)!

Postby danwilson5 » Mon Jan 17, 2022 7:16 am

Hi Michael,

You wrote a nice tribute to JS and I am glad you posted the video. I liked the walking outside on the winter day playing guitar and the bass player in a flannel shirt. I don't know where you live but it was very Canadian.

How hard did you push the Lurssen Console?

Waiting for the next video Bro. Two Thumbs Up.

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