Custom Shop questions

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Custom Shop questions

Postby dvon88 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:07 am

Hi all,
I downloaded Custom Shop and I would like to buy the Engl Powerball, but I am confused as to how this whole operation works. The website and videos say to download Amplitube 3.5 free, but I cannot find that anywhere on the site, I can find information pages for it but no free download. So when I installed Custom Shop, it installed Amplitube 4 and that wants to be registered (meaning I have to buy it). Currently, I'm in the middle of moving across the globe and looking for something to do some simple recording with so the ability to buy just one amp for not much money was sounding like a great idea considering I cannot bring my whole rig from back home with me.

How the heck do I get this whole thing working? Is 3.5 phased out and do I have to buy the full version of 4 now?
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Re: Custom Shop questions

Postby DarkStar » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:43 am

Hello dvon88 and welcome to the forum.

First of al, if the IK Multimedia web site or videos still refer to AmpliTube 3.5, please contact them so that it can be fixed. AT3.5 is an old version. AT4 (currently at v4.6.1)

So downloading and installing AmpliTube Custom Shop (AT4CS) will give you the right software. If you click on the [Info] button (at the bottom left) you should see the version. It is free, but you still need to Authorise it.

The next thing to do is to get the gear you want (Engl Powerball) Run Custom Shop (you can do that from within AT4CS). Log in to your Account, switch to the AmpliTube section and search for "Powerball". You can then buy it, or try it out (for 48 hours, I think).

Then you can load it in AT4CS and make use of it, along with the gear models provided free with AT4CS. You do not need to buy any other version of AT4.

Having said that, it is better value to buy gear bundles rather than the individual gear models that make up the bundle. And, various products go on sale at times. For July, have a close look at these:
... Interesting, if true.
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Re: Custom Shop questions

Postby carlaz » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:40 pm

Yeah, it can be confusing because AT used to be a big all-encompassing software package that people bought, and then it kind of added/semi-switched to the "app store" type model.

I think you can actually still buy the "AT MAX" bundle in a physical cardboard box! Not sure either or both of the "AT 4 Deluxe" and "AT 4" bundles are download only. Then there are all the brand/artist bundles which I'm pretty sure are download only these days (though I could be wrong).

In practice, I think it's fair to say that "Custom Shop" is the basis of AT these days. Even if you bought and installed the MAX bundle, I think you would end up buying any subsequently released new models through the Custom Shop anyway.

So, minimally, one installs and registers "AmpliTube Custom Shop", which should include both the standalone app and plugin versions of AmpliTube 4 itself (specifically 4.6.1, at the time of writing!), as well as the separate "Custom Shop" app. The gear models bundled in the free version of AmpliTube 4 (= "AmpliTube Custom Shop") are a bit "long in the tooth" but still eminently usable. You can then buy individual items or bundles through the Custom Shop app as you will, and use them in the standalone/plugin versions of AmpliTube.

As DarkStar also said: keep an eye out for sales (like the current "Summer Strummer" specials), which are a good way to strategically expand your arsenal when you haven't got a lot of more up-to-date models. Also, make good use of the ability to demo gear before buying! It may take a while to get to grips with all the "flavors" available to figure out what you best like and what's of the most use to you.

Although I had been familiar with earlier versions of AT that friends had, I think I jumped on board with AT 3 when Custom Shop launched. I think a band guitar-tech on the old Amorphis website forum tipped me off to it! I think I picked up the Hendrix, Metal, and (when it came out) Slash bundles -- mostly through sales -- even though I'm not a raging Hendrix or Slash fan, or really a metal-player by contemporary standards. There was just a lot of useful gear in those for me! Otherwise, I've kind of cherry-picked.

Does the Custom Shop had a "wish list" feature? It should. I often demo things and end up thinking, "well, I can't really spring for that now, but maybe if I get a little extra next month ...". Then -- if I end up feeling a bit more flush -- I could quickly skim the "wish list" and say, "Oh, yeah, right, that amp was just what I needed for that other song I was working on ...". :)
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