EZ Voice - Issue with the App

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EZ Voice - Issue with the App

Postby Montas1976 » Tue Jan 18, 2022 4:41 pm

Dear all,
I have a iRig Microphone and having trouble to understand one of the Features.
Does it work only with headsets, or is there a way to use the iphone speakers and the Microphone.
The only way i seem to be able to make it work is with Headphones conected to the iRig Microphone plug, any other attemp I do I'm not able to get any soung.

When i connect the microphone iPhone asks me if it is a Headset or other device I'm selected the 2 options and the result is always the same, i need to use headsets, wired Headsets.

Any ideia, or this is indeed the behaviour?

Please help
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