iRig started overloading

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iRig started overloading

Postby » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:58 pm

I have had great luck using my Irig and the accompanying app on my iPhone to practice with up until yesterday. All of a sudden Im getting terrible digital distortion. The gain is all the way down and the light never goes red but the signal is distorted as all get out. I tried restarting my phone (and the app of course), when I swap over to Garageband its fine and I can even turn the gain up.
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Re: iRig started overloading

Postby Ryan_IK » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:54 pm

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear of your troubles.

Please make sure to contact IK Multimedia technical support here. They can help figure out what is going on and how to help.

In the meantime, please go ahead and try checking your Menu > Settings in AmpliTube. There are some Input/Output level controls here. Set these to "0" to start. An input or output level set too high can result in extra noise.

For issues with clicks/pops distorting your signal, try adjusting your Menu > Settings. Turn Latency to "Low" as opposed to "Ultra Low", then turn Oversampling & Auto-sleep "Off". This should help reduce processing power required for use with AmpliTube. Another way to free up processing power is to close all background apps and a hard reset of the iOS device (Hold the LOCK & HOME buttons on your device until you see the Apple logo).
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