Fender® Collection 2 now available in AmpliTube for iOS

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Fender® Collection 2 now available in AmpliTube for iOS

Postby Peter_IK » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:38 pm


Classic Fender tone, future-forward technology

Fender Collection 2 is the ultimate collection of original Fender amplifiers and reissues from the 1950s and 1960s. It draws inspiration from some of the most iconic Fender amplifiers, adding a modern touch to the timeless classics and re-issues that defined a multitude of genres throughout the decades. Fender Collection 2 captures the vintage vibe, feel and sound of Fender’s classic amps and puts them into your production toolbox on your iPhone or iPad.

Fender Collection 2 is based on IK’s revolutionary Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ technology, which delivers a whole new level of realism, making it possible to fully replicate the behavior of EVERY component in the circuit all the way down to its quirkiest nuance and character in a non-linear and dynamic way.

Representing a 12 year journey through the history of Fender’s legacy tube amp design, the “Tweeds” are some of Fender’s most historic and sought after amplifiers. Fender Collection 2 recreates the ’57 Custom Series Amps — reissues based upon tweed classics adding refined, player-centric enhancements to a classic platform for the modern player. Read about the amps, Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ and more by clicking here.
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Re: Fender® Collection 2 now available in AmpliTube for iOS

Postby supanorton » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:46 pm

Long time AmpliTube on iOS user here. I've been using the Fender 2 collection since it was released, and I haven't felt the need for any other guitar app on iOS since. In fact, ALL the amps (AmpliTube stock, Orange, Slash, Fender 1, Mesa, etc.) and effects sound quite a bit better than before. Kudos and thanks to the development team.
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Re: Fender® Collection 2 now available in AmpliTube for iOS

Postby mcraig » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:47 pm

Agreed - I've been using my own pedalboard and expensive guitar preamps for stage use until now, and a combination of that and Bias FX for recording. Now, I find the Fender 2 collection sounds better than both of the above; I'm already recording with it and I'm looking into using it for live shows. The only thing I can imagine sounding as good or better is an actual hand-wired Fender Custom Shop combo, and for live work that would involve careful miking!
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