SampleTank for iOS updated to 2.0.4

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Re: SampleTank for iOS updated to 2.0.4

Postby notaneasygame » Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:42 pm

cast1010 wrote:
Peter_IK wrote:
jblongz wrote:+1 for audio unit support!

Audio Units are coming to IK iOS apps in the coming months, we'll share more details about when, which, and how when there is more news. Thanks!

Hi there everybody, it has been a very long time since there was any information shared about audio units.

Will we ever get SampleTank iOS updated to support it? iSymphonic unfortunately is the only option I have to produce some decent orchestral tracks on the go but like SampleTank sounds more.



Not holding out much hope on this. Nearly 3 years ago it was in the coming months, I had hoped the desktop 4th iteration would have seen it forthcoming.

With the depreciation of inter app audio and an impending iOS 14 more than likely forthcoming in a few months I'm hoping we're not left with workarounds just to use SampleTank on our mobile productions. If it's in Syntronik it surely must be able to be added into SampleTank.

I'd happily pay for it as an IAP as I'm sure most others would too. Any further news?
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Re: SampleTank for iOS updated to 2.0.4

Postby Peter_IK » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:58 pm

There is no official update at this time, you'd see it at in the news if there was public information available. Best to make sure any feature requests are in the official Wishlist thread for the appropriate product, too, as that will be relayed to the product manager and developers of the appropriate product.
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