Distorted sound on iOS 16.3

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Distorted sound on iOS 16.3

Postby Mhorner2021 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 5:08 am

On both my iPad and iPhone running iOS 16.3 the sound coming from amplitube is popping and distorted. This is a new occurrence and I have recently updated both devices so my guess is there is a compatibility problem with iOS 16.3. Has anyone experienced this and able to find a resolution?

I have tried both devices, using speakers and headphones, and am using the demo track.

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Re: Distorted sound on iOS 16.3

Postby Dyanchus » Sat Mar 18, 2023 4:58 pm

I’m having the same issue running iRig 2 to AmpliTube with iOS 16.3. IK please update and fix your software.
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Re: Distorted sound on iOS 16.3

Postby Peter_IK » Mon Mar 20, 2023 3:38 am

Have you reported your issue to IK Support? I'm sure they would have more information and if they recreate the issue they'll send any global issues to the devs for a fix. Thanks!
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