3 B-3X configuration questions?

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3 B-3X configuration questions?

Postby LiamMichael » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:50 pm

I am using the iOS version.

1. Nord and Viscount dual manual organs (and perhaps others?) use the same drawbar CCs for upper and lower manual, merely changing which MIDI channel they transmit on (corresponding to the channels assigned to the upper and lower manuals themselves). I don't see a way to specify that in B-3X, which seems to only permit different CCs on the same MIDI channel (and not same CCs on different MIDI channels). Is there an option I missed, or is there no way to assign these organs' drawbars to separately control the registrations of each manual?

2. I may sometimes want to use some particular keyboard to control B-3X, and other times want to use a different one. Is there a way to save different MIDI CC definitions so I don't have to change 20+ settings every time I switch from one controller to another that uses different MIDI CCs?

3. Once, I was able to change the sample rate from 48k to 44.1k which eliminated my clicking problem, but now for some reason it has reverted to 48k and the pop-down provides no other option. Do you know why the 44.1 option might have become unavailable, and how I might get it back?

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