Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

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Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby Ryan_IK » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:32 pm

This will be the official thread for Syntronik iOS feature requests. Please post any feature requests here moving forward. All older posts will be compiled here. This will help make sure all posts are laid out in an organized thread keeping your voices is heard.

Before posting, make sure to check that your idea/request is not posted already.
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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby randyfreemire » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:07 am

OK, this is strange, Ryan of IK posted this over a month ago and I don't see any posts. Guess I'm the first. I wonder if the Mac/PC version of Syntronik has more visiting eye balls. I've bolded the basic request for those of you that like to scan.

1. PLEASE make the Filters (Category / Timbre / Style, etc.) more readable! So Category is a nice bright white against a black back drop. However, the individual items in the Category list (Arpeggio, Bass, etc.) are a faint whitish grey against a grey back ground. So so hard to read!
Even indoors, I have to squint a bit, but when i play outdoors, which is mostly where i play, it's nearly impossible to read one of the individual items, i've had to memorize where things are and count up or down the rectangular blocks.

2. Level out the individual instruments so they don't distort. I don't understand how Syntronik was called a finished product when many of the individual patches distort. First thing i HAVE to do with my favorites is to make sure the Volume and Master Volume are both set to 0 db (and of course i make sure its soloed), and if its distorting I adjust the compression, eq, and gain in the FX section until i'm no longer able to make it distort. In extreme cases i adjust the cutoff as well. Any other suggestions welcome.

2.b. Have a way to adjust the Volume of the 4 Tones in a multi. Even if I've made sure that each of the individual Tones don't distort, by the time they're combining, the meters are seeing red. And it's not something (I think) that I would want to adjust with the Volume slider, if for no other reason than it's very very hard to precisely control that slider.

3. As much as I love having the Favorites Gold Star to work with, I'm hopeful that you can add two more: a question mark and a NO. So above the Category label you'd see the Gold Star, another line for ?, and another line for NO (whatever that would look like).

As great as all the Filters are that are provided (TBH, there's a ton of them to remember), alot of times I want to mark something as a big NO, just so I don't have to re-visit that same sound. It takes endless hours going thru the sounds, adding filter labels to the ones i like, and its not like i remember everything i've heard. As much as i need a Gold Star, I also need a NO or a ? to navigate so many sounds, so many of which are unfamiliar to me, so I'm stumbling around in the dark trying to make sense of where I'd use a particular far out sound.

By way of feedback- the only Filters I use are the Gold Star and everything in the Category list. It's a finite amount, and it covers the basic kinds of sounds.

4. Have the option for an easier to use interface. As cool looking and custom as the authentic synths look, I'd like to have the option to switch to one or two templates for editing synths that are designed to be easy and user friendly to adjust with a touch screen. When I'm in the thick of editing i don't care how cool it looks, i just want it to be fast and responsive and not have to fuss with a design that is neither. As an iPad user, it can be challenging sometimes to use some of the synths.

On a happier note, I've been blown away with Syntronik, it's my favorite iPad app. The range and awesomeness of the sounds really makes me happy! I often have little to no idea what to do with the vast sonic pallette offered, but really appreciate the sound quality and variety!
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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby SwissAndy » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:06 am

Hi IK Multimedia team.
I love the app and I use it also live, controlled by a Akai MPK49 MIDI master keyboard and a McMillen 12Step foot controller.

Here‘s my request: please make assignable individual MIDI channel for every tone in a multi. Eg. tone A = channel 1, tone B = channel 6, tone C = channel 7 and tone D = channel 10.

Thank you.

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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby SBRUSA » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:07 am

Enable this app to run in the background like your new B3X IOS app does!
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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby Peter_IK » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:37 pm

SBRUSA wrote:Enable this app to run in the background like your new B3X IOS app does!

It does. Settings --> Background Audio --> On
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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby BCKeys » Sat May 23, 2020 11:32 pm

Hello @Peter_IK

I do have an important request for Syntronik on iOS : please, pleaaaase give us the possibility to export/import our own presets into iCloud Drive.

I had an issue recently with my iPad wish had been replaced with a new one by Apple, unfortunately I didnt find any solution to save my presets, I lost everything :(

My only solution was to take a screenshot of each preset and the FX section.

Actually, I think this saving option should be existing in any apps even if it’s not so embarassing with B3-x, I mostly play great existing presets on the Hammond :)

My secondary request for Syntronik would be some new presets emulating the factory presets of those legendary synths. But it’s secondary.

Thanks for your great work, IK !! :)
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Re: Official Syntronik iOS Wish List!

Postby Unknown_Crewman » Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:55 am


I don't use Clouds, but I wish to be able to store my patches locally. Since they are not available by iTunes' file sharing, I wonder if restoring an iPad by a local stored iTunes backup would restore Syntronik user sound patches, too.

So far Syntronik wasn't used as plugin by me, but I suspect all settings are at least stored by an audio unit host? Cubasis 3? Auria Pro? MTS Studio? Is this correct?

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