Official Arc System Wish List!

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Re: Official Arc System Wish List!

Postby DAVIDK@HUGHES.NET » Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:17 pm

1) I would love to see a delay time setting before measurement begins. Even though I am part of the room, I may want to get out of the room.

2) The ability to at least "See" the the analysis of each of the 21 measurements individually. This could be very useful. (I can use R.E.W. for this) but I hate R.E.W. all that loop back pain, all the settings, you spend hours analyzing your room only to find out your mic has been in the middle of a feedback loop. This has also happened with this soft ware. So a word of warning to all, make sure your software hears your mic but, your speakers don't!

3) The ability to take multiple random readings and average them before correction instead of following the set patterns. Of course, keep the patterns, They are simple and understandable.

4)Phase and Time alignment. This probably would propel this software out of the reach of most project studio owners but, it would be nice as an add on in the future.

5)The drop in volume after correction. I get it but, most won't. Allow for manual correction, such as an "only cut frequencies" feature and allow the user to set the "threshold" anything below that threshold is not boosted.

6)I am very pleased with the results I achieved in a very short time. Are they perfect? No, But in my room, and for my use, this dose the job and dose it well. Dose it need improvement? Yes but, it is better than most.
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Re: Official Arc System Wish List!

Postby topaz1 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:04 pm

Any news on the calibration file for Mems mic ?

It sure would make the mic a whole lot more use.

cheers ;-)
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