Lurssen MC: Ideal levels for input track?

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Lurssen MC: Ideal levels for input track?

Postby jmgsky » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:53 pm

Has anyone determined an optimum level for files being used as input to Lurssen? The manual is silent on this except to say the Input Drive knob can be used, but won't that affect other processing? If my file peaks at around -0.8dB I find I have to up the Input Drive knob to the third chalk mark, so maybe I need to present a louder file?
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Re: Lurssen MC: Ideal levels for input track?

Postby Ryan_IK » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:23 pm

Thanks for your post!

There are no suggested levels for importing files into LMC as different genres and different styles of music may be mastered differently. Try using both a louder mix and a softer mix and see what results fit your track best.
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