Lurssen Missing .Dll strikes again..

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Lurssen Missing .Dll strikes again..

Postby Meatnips82 » Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:22 pm

Wrote support yesterday but haven’t heard back yet. I bought Lurssen Mastering Console and the install fails every time. Standalone, plug-in, neither launch in any format. Returns a “mkl_intel_thread.dll cannot be found” error. The problem has been common since the update to Lurssen version 1.1.0b, there are other reports on these forums and several other forums around the internet. The solution is to install the previous version of Lurssen Mastering Console first, which leaves the missing .dll files in place, then install current version through Product Manager. The problem is: I don’t have access to previous installers, they don’t appear to be public facing on your site.

I’m on a Windows Pro 64bit machine, Intel i7 4.2ghz 6 core, 16gb ram, SSD.
I’m running literally hundreds of plugins, including all the T-Racks, Ik Tape Machines, Amplitube 5, etc etc. DAW are Ableton and Reaper. This is a stable professional production machine. Via Gearspace suggestions while waiting for support to respond I tried installing the latest Visual C++ redistributables off Microsoft website, uninstalling the broken Lurssen components, restarting machine, reinstalling Lurssen through Ik Product manager, restarting again.... launching Lurssen always returns the same missing .dll error.

So far, the only solution I’ve found on about a dozen of these reports (going back to 2019) is to install the previous version of Lurssen first. If anyone at IK can send me a link to a functioning installer that would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Lurssen Missing .Dll strikes again..

Postby Peter_IK » Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:39 pm

You can find the previous version under "Past Releases" in the My Products section of your IK User Area on the IK site.
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Re: Lurssen Missing .Dll strikes again..

Postby Meatnips82 » Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:15 pm

Thank you!!

Installing version 1.0.3 first, then installing the current version, worked like a charm. I’ve been chasing my tail installing random Visual C++ libraries trying to get it to work.

For future users running into this, because if they don’t update the installer their will be, follow the directions above and install the last previous version first (1.0.3) then install 1.1.0b. Your DAW may have black listed the plug-in already which is a different can of worms but look it up to get Lurssen displaying again.

Ik, please fix this!! It’s been like this for years. Thank you for the quick response anyway however.
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