Tape Machines - Controllable Oversampling & Linked Knobs

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Tape Machines - Controllable Oversampling & Linked Knobs

Postby UrDone » Wed Aug 16, 2023 1:58 am

Hi everyone,

The Tape Machines Collection provides the best tape emulations I and many others have ever heard, which really says a lot. The sound quality and attention to detail is stunning. I can't imagine it was easy modeling so many intricacies and blending convolution and physical modeling techniques.

With all of this control, how were two very important things overlooked?
1. Linking the input and output knobs (gain matching)
2. Control over oversampling (CPU usage)

There's a workaround for the first issue (at least) in REAPER by using parameter modulation/MIDI link to inversely control the output knob with the input knob. It works like a charm, and I love it, but I shouldn't have to create a workaround for gain matching, something so necessary and prevalent in other tape plugins. The workaround makes the IK tape machines so much more of a pleasure to use, and it's very convenient and speeds up the workflow. Please consider implementing this, IK Multimedia.

For the second issue, I'm going to assume the uncontrollable internal oversampling to 192 kHz is the major cause of the high CPU usage everyone experiences. This makes it impossible to work with more than one or two instances of the plugin without freezing or committing the track(s). IK Multimedia, why not allow us to have control over the oversampling? 2x would be enough for me and probably most people.

Thank you.
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