crash with FL STUDIO

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crash with FL STUDIO

Postby iamtaehwan88 » Tue Jul 18, 2023 2:00 pm

after format windows 10
open my save files has crush.
please check it...


FL Studio ( [64Bit] r37347 has encountered an error and needs to restart.

Crash log saved to C:\Users\****\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Support\Logs\Crash\ folder.

Please use Ctrl+C to copy this message and report to support.

OS Version:
Windows 10 (Version 22H2, OS Build 19045.3208, 64-bit Edition)

Access violation at address 00007FF9B9003995 in module 'TR5 Suite.vst3'. Read of address 0000000000000010

00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B9003995: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B92A1DA8: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B92B0BC4: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B904BC03: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B904BDE7: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FF9B7F10000:00007FF9B904C375: TR5 Suite.vst3
00007FFA40B80000:00007FFA40B8E858: USER32.dll
00007FFA40B80000:00007FFA40B8E299: USER32.dll
0000000058990000:0000000058EC309A: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000058990000:0000000058EC3108: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000058990000:0000000058EC35DA: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000058990000:000000005971263A: FLEngine_x64.dll
00007FF769430000:00007FF7697317B6: FL64.exe
00007FF769430000:00007FF76973191A: FL64.exe
00007FF769430000:00007FF769460976: FL64.exe
00007FFA41250000:00007FFA41267614: KERNEL32.DLL
00007FFA416D0000:00007FFA417226B1: ntdll.dll
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Re: crash with FL STUDIO

Postby DarkStar » Tue Jul 18, 2023 8:19 pm

Other users may chip in with suggestions.

Meanwhile, as this is not a company Support forum, the best thing to do is contact Technical Support via the IKM web site, for some one to one diagnosis and help. Search the FAQs first, as there may be relevant results. After that, you should see a [Contact Support] button at the bottom of the page, linking you to the Support form.
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