Quad Compressor Issue

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Quad Compressor Issue

Postby extricate » Sun Nov 29, 2020 11:39 pm

Just picked up TrackS 5 MAX and I'm having an issue with the Quad Compressor. I put it before a limiter on the master bus, driving about as much level in as I ever would. According to the TrackS meter it's sitting between -20dB(RMS) and -16dB(RMS) (peaks around -3dBFS), and I just can't get a reasonable amount of gain reduction out of it. Grabbing band 3 in the default preset, I put the attack all the way down, the threshold all the way down, and on a sane ratio like 3-8 I'm not getting more than 4dB of GR.

This is on a full mix, mind, with drastic settings that are unlikely to be useful in the real world. There's plenty of content in that area. Driving the plugin much louder I get clipping, so I'm in this really bad position where I can't change the threshold or ratio to reasonable values because then I'll get no GR at all. Anyone else run into this? Doesn't match up with my experience of other compressors (MB or not) at all.
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