Official T-RackS Wish List!

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Official T-RackS Wish List!

Postby Ryan_IK » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:17 pm

This will be the official thread for T-RackS feature requests. Please post any feature requests here moving forward. All older posts will be compiled here. This will help make sure all posts are laid out in an organized thread keeping your voices is heard.

Before posting, make sure to check that your idea/request is not posted already.
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Re: Official T-RackS Wish List!

Postby carlaz » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:13 pm

I originally posted this in the "What would you like to see?" thread, but now that this is the official wish-list thread, I'm really just re-posting a lightly edited version of that here ....

What about emulations of the old Rosser EQ modules that the Rockfield Studios and Mayfair Studios used to (or apparently still) use? Right now, thanks to the Freddie Mercury film, everyone's freaking about Queen and Night at the Opera And All That, and that album was done at Rockfield, so maybe a digital emulation of the Rosser EQs from there would a hot item? (Lots of other cool stuff recorded back in the day at those studios, too, mind you!).

Rockfield still has some of those units, plucked from the original console, while some of Mayfield's old Rosser EQ modules have ended up in Snap Studios, who have a picture of them in their current state there:
They look like ye olde 3-band-type EQs and a gain knob.

I guess IKM would have to do a partnership deal of some sort with either Snap or Rockfield to model a given unit -- though other manufacturers have had success with such approaches.

Meanwhile, the sort-of-"Frankenstein" HeliosCentric Studios console that combined bits of the original Helios desks from Island Records Basing Street Studio 2 and Space Studios has now famously gone up for auction:
A couple of other manufacturers have Helios emulations of one sort or another, but not (AFAIK) IKM. So perhaps whoever gets the HeliosCentric console would do a deal? Might offset the cost of whatever they pay for it! :lol: :mrgreen:
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