Sampletank Tremolo Mandolin?

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Sampletank Tremolo Mandolin?

Postby craigsaxon » Sun Apr 23, 2023 11:04 pm

I can't seem to find in SampleTank Max the nice trem mandolins which are present in my Sampletank IOS.They have a trem mando which does the trem if you hit the keys hard but my IOS has a fast and a long trem which are perfect for many applications.
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Re: Sampletank Tremolo Mandolin?

Postby Promidi » Sun Apr 30, 2023 10:02 am

What is the exact preset name of the Tremolo Mandolin you require as it appears in the Sampletnk IOS?

I suspect the sound you are after is called “Mandolin V-Trem”. I just loaded this preset and this does behave as you have described.

Note: This sound is in Sampletank 4 and Sampletank 4 Max, but not Sampletank 4 SE.
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