Imported Miroslav Philharmonik 1 instruments in MP2??

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Imported Miroslav Philharmonik 1 instruments in MP2??

Postby EdgarIsmael » Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:52 pm

After some time of absence from using Philharmonik, I've recently found the time to blow the dust of my copy of MP1 and import it into my SampleTank 3 library so it can be seen by my copy of MP2CE.

The import worked a treat, so I can now get to my MP1 library from the 64-bit MP2 application/VSTi.

The import from MP1 swept along with it all the 'child presets' for the instruments (i.e. those suffixed with 'AMV', 'BC1', 'EXPD' etc.), which under the old MP1 interface provided 'sound programming' information about the instrument's character to MP1. It might be me but I can't notice any difference between these (for the same instrument) when used in either the MP2 or SampleTank 3 or 4 software - has anyone else found this?

There are quite a lot of them so if they are not recognised or used by MP2/SampeTank can the corresponding .st3i files (under the SampleTank 'Imported Instruments' folder) be deleted to de-clutter the installation?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Imported Miroslav Philharmonik 1 instruments in MP2??

Postby DarkStar » Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:33 pm

Hell EdgarIsmael and welcome to the forum.

Just to be clear: are you saying that in ST3, Violin 1 AMV for example sounds the same as Violin 1 CRS1, Violin 1 CRS2 and Violin 1 EXPD? They do sound different here.

Yes, you could remove the instrument .st3i files that you do not want. I would recommend:
(a) only do this if you understand what you are doing,
(b) create a parallel folder outside the SampleTank 3 folder hierarchy, for example "...\ST£ unused\Imported Instruments\Philharmonik\Strings\Solo Strings\Solo Violin",
(c) move the .st3i files into there (after all, you may decide to reinstate them later),
(d) in ST3, rebuild the cache database (I think that ST4 does that automatically on loading).
DarkStar ... interesting, if true.
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